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Head of a young woman

Head of a young woman

Acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 40 x 40 inches

Head of a young woman c. 1506 - 1508 Leonardo's study gives the spark for this amazing composition engulfed in reds, orange and raspberry colors by Rousselet's imagination where the face is highlighted by the vermilion red hair. Its contemporary look mixed in a classic atmosphere makes this nostalgic visual a captivating artwork.    

Ethan 2a 4.jpg

Closer look

Layers of pigment mixed with a semi-transparent glaze, which let the light pass through, create a more luminous color.


Framed on the wall

It is classic, it is contemporary, it is elegant. 


Composition in a room

A composition of the three symmetric pantings coloring the whitish room of a Floridian collector.

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