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La Scapigliata

Jean Pierre Rousselet signature

La Scapigliata

Acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 42 x 42 inches

La Scapigliata, the painting has been admired for its captivating beauty, mysterious look and aesthetic value. Based on an unfinished draw often linked to Leonardo's early works , La Scapigliata in Rousselet's interpretation becomes introspective with eyes half-closed, completely ignoring the outside world and viewer. The powerful brushstrokes and colors look intentional opposing to her languid expression.



The composition stands over a venetian red and gold background.


La Scapigliata

The painting on a show on board Disney cruise ship.


The painting in a room

La Scapigliata is now part of aesthetics of a post modern style room of a collector in Florida.

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