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Rousselet Art

I believe that art has the power to bring people together and inspire change.




From the world's third largest city, Sao Paulo, Brazil comes Jean Pierre Rousselet, an artist without boundaries. 
He got his paint stained genes from his artistic father. Jean Pierre graduated with degrees in fine arts/industrial design and architecture from Sao Paulo's internationally recognized universities FAU and FAAP and has been a professional artist ever since. 
In 2001 he relocated to Miami, Florida to serve as a producer for Disney Channel International television. His work in film and television has earned him both national and international awards. 
His talents are not confined to the screen or the canvas, Jean Pierre s sculptures and interior design create an artistic atmosphere. With a keen eye on the future, the commercially abstracts works of Jean Pierre Rousselet promise to offer a new perspective on both portraits of people we know or classic works of art we recognize. 

What if Michelangelo had apprenticed at Andy Warhol s Factory in New York City? 
The results might be something like the works of Brazilian born, Florida based, painter 
Jean Pierre Rousselet. 

Bob Weinberg - CityLink magazine, FL newspaper 

Contemporary artist Jean Pierre Rousselet
Jean Pierre Rousselet signature

The Journey So Far

This is serious play, which we call art, can't be static. I mean you have to keep learning how to play. As modern artists, that's our fate is constant change." Philip Guston


I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding collaboration of Walter Bernacca Jr on the this new website project. His dedication, hard work and knowledge were truly impressive.

His contributions to this project were invaluable, and I am grateful for how his innovative ideas and problem-solving skills helped me in the success of the project.


What's new

February 2024 launched the new website

Jean Pierre Rousselet artworks has been shown at Sienna Fine Arts gallery at Las Olas Blvd - Ft Lauderdale, Florida USA

Past to 2024

2024    Rousselet Art Launches a new website

2016     Sienna Fine Arts gallery, Ft Lauderdale, FL   

2014     Art Serve contest 1st and 2nd award, Ft Lauderdale, FL

2012     Linda White gallery, Delray Beach, FL

2012     On the Ave, Delray Beach, FL

2012     Saccaro USA, "Rio series", Miami, FL

2011      Saccaro USA, "Portrait series", Art Basel week, Miami, FL

2011      Disney Cruise Line, Disney Magic, Wonder and Dream, US and Caribbean

2010     Disney Cruise Line, Disney Magic and Wonder, US and Caribbean

2009    Disney Cruise Line, Disney Magic, US and Caribbean

2008    Space Times Square, "Times Square", Boca Raton, FL

2007    CasaDecor Miami, "Cutting Edge", Miami, FL

2006    Artfusion Gallery, "Rainbow Rhapsody", Miami, FL

2005    Etra Fine Art, "Rethinking Epics", Miami, FL.

Marforio,  a large 1s century Roman marble sculpture of a reclining bearded river god or Oceanus, identified as a depictio of  Jupiter, Neptune. The marble sculpture is located in the courtyard of Capitoline Museums - the huge male deity holds a shell in his left hand, below the figure there is a sea monster, from whose mouth water falls into the pool in front of it gushes. The statue is interpreted as the personification of Ocean or a river, perhaps the Nera. The work was found in the Forum of Augustus, near the Temple of Mars Ultor, in the sixteenth century, in the area known as the Forum of Mars.

photographed by Jean Pierre Rousselet  ©


Critical Acclaim and Collector Testimonials 

City-Link article about Jean Pierre Rousselet
Jean Pierre Rousselet at City Link
Jean Pierre Rousselet  Artsy Press
Jean Pierre Rousselet at Disney Cruise
 Artsy Press Jean Pierre Roussellet
Jean Pierre Rousselet at Oceania Cruise
Stephen King autograph
Stephen King autograph for Jean Pierre Rousselet
Jean Pierre Rousselet at Casa Decor
Jean Pierre Rousselet at Casa Decor
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