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Soulful Unity, a mixed media 3D artwork in whitish tones, measuring 36 x 72 inches.

Love, depicted as the essence of the soul, transcends the confines of the ego, illuminating the inner self.

This piece incorporates plaster, fiberglass, railings, paper, and paints, symbolizing the entirety of one's existence yet always marked by divisions (two panels). The roots of love are intricately connected to the soul, much like the neon intricately wired to the complex background.


White Neon on Mixed Media

A stunning combination of white neon against a textured mixed media background.


An angle view

The two artwork pieces are hung together with a deliberate separation in between, forming a cohesive and expansive horizontal panel.


Nighttime Aura

In the evening, the artwork softly illuminates the surroundings with a subtle luminescence.

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