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Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Exotic mixed media artwork with carton, impasto, paper and acrylics integrated with a neon light tube.  With an unique and eye-catching neon aesthetic the artist achieve an effect that cannot be achieved through traditional painting techniques alone.
The bright, glowing colors of the neon light creates a vivid contrast with the darker, more subdued colors of the paints, making the artwork stands out in a new way.
Using neon lights as a strong, attention-grabbing form of expression creates a mutual resonance between the artwork and the philosophy it expresses. Available at Sienna Fine Art at Las Olas Blvd, Ft Lauderdale FL.
Blue Moon frame.jpg


Recycled Material and neon Led make this an exotic 3D artwork


Blue Moon at the gallery

A contemporary expressionism of art is a signature of the artwork.


Glowing in the dark

The high tech over the recycled, a contrast and a meaning.

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