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Large acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 60 x 60 inches

This exquisite interpretation of God full of power and modernity is one of the Rousselet's pantings that lingers its impression at the retina of the spectator, call that afterimage.

The impressive transition from classic style to pop in the same image is a signature in this artwork and the dots already explored in other epics, here becomes a carnival of superimposed transparent colors. The contour of the image imitates the frescos look as it was a collage or executed upon a fresh laid plaster

IMGP0022 A_2.jpg


God's face expression follows the original fresco regarding Rousselet's interpretation, mostly on hairs and beard.


Gallery Show

At the galley God is a central piece of attraction. Today the exquisite painting is in New York with a private collector.



God's hand mostly painted in academic style is cut out of the background as it was executed upon freshly laid ("wet") lime plaster. 

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