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Jean Pierre Rousselet signature


Large acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 48 x 70 inches
Traveling among the stars can only be achieve by art.
There is no beginning and no end, the paints are not confined to the canvas but expanding off the frame. Interstellar is like a window on a ship traveling at the speed of light. A very impactful artwork not only by its size or color but from the movement created by the spontaneous lines. The painting is available at Sienna Fine Art gallery at Las Olas Blvd, FtLauderdale FL


View on the wall

An abstract expressionism following the 1950s movement in New York City.


At the gallery 

An action painting where the canvas serves “as the arena in which to act” (Harold Rosenberg).


View in the gallery

A New York avant-garde style reproducing the art movement emerged in the 1950s.

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