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Blue Rain

Contemporary artist signature

Blue Rain

Large acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 70 x 70 inches

The ancient Greek mythologies talk about Lord Zeus, the king of all the gods and the protector of the livings as the rain deity. He is believed to be responsible for the rain, thunder and lightning, all depicted in this painting.

Blue rain is a symbol for desires for a more exciting life. Dreaming of blue rain is an evidence for success, prosperity and wealth. 


View at Sienna Fine Arts

Blue Rain painting stands out as a modern abstract artwork, full of intriguing details and deep meaning.


View of the whole

When confronting the painting it captures the sight of the viewer, revealing a palette of blue tons in contrast with its opposite color, orange. 


Gallery view

Here in a gallery wrap method of displaying art (wrapped over thick wooden bars so there are no visible fasteners), a method of stretching the canvas that allows for a frame-less presentation of the finished painting.

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