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Jean Pierre Rousselet Signature


A substantial acrylic painting on canvas, sized at 70 x 70 inches, embodies the spirit of Jean Pierre Rousselet's work. The artwork delves into the significance of Sinai as the connecting link between Asia and Africa, depicting the arid expanse bathed in the vibrant hues of Egyptian turquoise. It captures the essence of the Old Testament's 40 years of wandering, with Sinai serving as the historical backdrop.

Within the Sinai painting, one encounters the brilliance of Moses' burning bush and the allure of the "worshipped" calf, skillfully rendered through a palette that harmonizes the luminosity of the former with the golden tones associated with the latter. This piece serves as a celebratory ode to the desert journey, symbolized by intricate gold twisted lines that traverse the canvas, beautifully embodying the path through the arid expanse.



The color of the desert rich in gold.


Observation of the Artwork

Crafted on a coarse canvas, this piece involves the use of a rustic cotton cloth saturated in various paints, with a layer of gold paints applied atop.


Display within a Space

When placed in a room, the artwork showcases a harmonious dance of woody, golden, and rust tones, blending seamlessly together.

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