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 'Sambala,' a testament to Rousselet's mastery in contemporary abstract art
Jean Pierre Rousselet signature


Large acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 60 x 60 inches

In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Shambhala is a spiritual kingdom. During the late 19th century, Helena Blavatsky alluded to the Shambhala myth, later esoteric writers further emphasized the concept of a hidden land inhabited by a mystic brotherhood whose members labor for the good of humanity. Alice A. Bailey claims Shambala is an extra-dimensional or spiritual reality on the astral plane. Here is an interpretation where the artist's brushes aimed at Shambhala. 



Embarking on a quest for Shambhala.


The painting on the wall

Rough but gentle, full of textures and the mixing of straight lines over impasto. There is a balance between light and dark separated by a rough misshapen golden line that traverses the canvas.



Shambhala may have been the inspiration for Shangri-La, a paradise on Earth hidden in a Tibetan valley.

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