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Madona and Child

Madona and Child

Large acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 36 x 52 inches

Madona and Child, a pop classic interpretation of the artist of a spandrel on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

The original fresco appears, for once, closely linked by the interplay gestures and glances, focused on the woman's activity and is assumed that the boy is Salmon.

Rousselet's painting integrates the classic look of the fresco by adding coarse pumices and crackle glazes mixed with the acrylics, leaving the background clean with the orbits, signature of the artist for what he calls "epics".  



Complex movements of the figures and their complex expressiveness.



In the Salmon spandrel a woman is making a garment while her child looks on. The painting captivating harmony is shown by its diagonal gridlines.


The painting at the gallery

 An eye-catching composition.  Color, symmetry, leading lines, balance, and movement.

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