“The recumbent, well-muscled torso of Adam both emerges from and recedes into a background that traverses the spectrum from fiery orange and yellow to cool blue and raspberry hues. Although his rock ribbed midsection is swathed in a patch of yellow, the rest of the truncated figure, neither his head nor his outstretched arm beyond the bicep is depicted, appears in black and white, as if he were carved from marble.

Bands of colored balls, a recurring Rousselet motif that resembles the Benday dots appropriated by the pop artists of the 1950s and ’60s, create an opposing diagonal to the figure. The dots also appear in the artist’s version of the Sistine Eve, whose sculptural, twisting torso floats against a sea of tangerine orbs. At the famous tension-filled moment right before the hand of man receives the touch of God, Rousselet pivots the action from Michelangelo’s horizontal depiction of the event to a God’s eye view, as the Lord’s hand emerges from the foreground toward Adam’s outstretched digits, the once only imagined spark between them now appearing as a dazzlingly colored dimensional portal crackling with energy. “

—    Bob Weinberg



CityLink magazine  -  Miami,  FL

“Forget da Vinci; Jean Pierre Rousselet tries to break the Michelangelo code.

What if Michelangelo had apprenticed at Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York City?  The results might be something like the works of Brazilian born, Florida based, painter Jean Pierre Rousselet”


Rousselet rethinks the epic figures of the Sistine Chapel ceiling in startling Technicolor

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